March 30, 2020

Hello everybody! I figured since we are in unprecedented times, I'd start something NEW/challenging for me. It's hard to share with others, vulnerability is hard. We've officially been out of school for just over 2 weeks and in "quarantine" for a week. If you've been feeling all sorts of emotions over the last few weeks, raise your hand? Oh wait, I can't see you as you read this, so instead just raise your hand for others to see around you. :) 

I've felt happy-the weather has been nice, being outside is peaceful, I've spent a lot of time with my fiancé 

I've felt sad-I can't see my family/friends, normal activities had to stop, wedding had to be cancelled

I've felt scared-the news is always negative, the extra precautions to take when leaving for necessary items, the abundant amount of social media posts

I've felt numb-is this reality? 

I've felt thankful-for my family/friends, for technology, for my job/coworkers, for my health, for my students

I've felt productive-really getting my to-do list done! 

I've felt these emotions (sometimes all in one day). Not that you need my permission, but I'm giving you all permission to feel whatever it is your feeling. Don't push it out, don't try to ignore it. Recognize how you feel and try and understand what's making you feel that way. Don't let anyone tell you you can't be sad OR happy OR whatever. It's okay to be it all. In feeling all these emotions, though, we have to remember to let others in and take action. If you're feeling mad because you don't understand your homework, email a teacher/call a friend. If you're feeling sad because you can't hang out with your friends on the weekend, schedule a group FaceTime. Iyou're happy because its nice outside, share that on social media. If you're scared because you saw something on the news, call someone talk it out. You are not in this alone. Chances are someone else is feeling that exact same way too..

We are all in this together.

Reach out to me if you need anything. I'm happy to chat! 

What FEELS like Day 1,000...

What Have You Lost?

March 31, 2020

After listening to a webinar yesterday about grief it got me thinking. What have you missed out on, or lost during the last several weeks? Grief is not just something we feel when someone we love dies. Grief may just be what you're going through right now. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross describes grief as a series of stages (not necessarily stages that go in order, so more like phases we can expect to make an appearance). One of the stages is anger (after denial and oftentimes before bargaining). Anger is an easy emotion to portray. We don't want to mistake others frustration and anger (or even our own) as anything more than grief. If you're losing out on something, chances are your neighbors, friends & family are too. You may be missing out on times with friends, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, prom, trips, weddings, babies. Whatever it is, it's okay to be angered by what it is you're missing. Don't allow the virus or social media to trick you into think you can't be mad or even sad about the things you're missing out on. If I've learned anything about grief, its that the minute you try and hide or push away how you are feeling, the stronger, more intense those feelings will come back.  

So the next time you're upset/frustrated/mad/sad, TELL yourself, this is grief I'm feeling. And the thing about grief is that 1. it changes our life (not a bad thing) and 2. WE GET STRONGER. Over time, what you have lost gets easier to handle not because of time passing, but because YOU ARE STRONGER. So what will you do today to be stronger for tomorrow; to tackle tomorrow's struggles/problems/concerns? 

I'm going to relax on the couch, ease my mind with a good book, and make a to-do list of what I WILL accomplish tomorrow. 

Virtual hugs to you all. 

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